• Carousel - photo by Carrie Bodle
  • Carousel - photo by Robert Eisenman
  • Carousel - photo by Robert Eisenman
Ingrid Lahti - Carousel

public installation

Dimensions 6’ x 6’ x 1/2”
photos: Carrie Bodle, Robert Eisenman

Installed on Seattle's Waterfront Park between the ferris wheel and the Aquarium, as a part of Art Interruptions, the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs' summer initiative.

The continuously shifting reflections washing over the surface of 320 mirrors work like the the ripples on Puget Sound to reflect ambient light. Carousel connects the built environment of the waterfront to its natural surroundings. We humans see and feel through physical bodies that evolved in the natural world over millennia. Natural metaphors like Carousel’s array of reflective surfaces operate to elicit a fuller perceptual response from visitors. This artwork reminds us that perception is embodied, rather than restricted to vision and the intellect.

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