• Fans in the COLD section
  • View down corridor into HOT from COLD.
  • HOT section of HOT/COLD
  • HOT chair in HOT/COLD
  • Heat lamps above HOT chair
  • The artist seated in the HOT section
Ingrid Lahti - HOT/COLD


In The Good, the Bad, and the Other, Wonderful World of Art, Seattle. Curators: E. Carlson, I. Lahti, H. Sanderson, R.M. Tomlinson, 1993. OK GIRLS project.

Dimensions: 11'h x 6'w x 18'd.

Participants enter HOT/COLD and walk through a corridor with fans cooling them from either side. Beyond the fans is a clear plexiglas door, which leads to the HOT section with chair. Four heat lamps mounted above the padded chair heat the seated participant.

HOT/COLD was developed from the study, COOL (1992).