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Ingrid Lahti - Les Gove Community Campus

public artwork (2006)

Integrated public artwork and landscape treatment for the entrance to the Les Gove Community Campus on Auburn Way South, commissioned by the Auburn Arts Commission, Auburn, Washington, completed in 2006. Dimensions of sign: 14' x 5' x 1.4".

The sign encodes elements of the history of Auburn: The bead-finished surface of the gently curved stainless steel sign recalls the waters of the White River which once flowed through this area before the diversion dam altered its course. The sign's font was taken from that of the Northern Pacific Railroad which ran through this area. (The homes adjacent to the campus were once those of railroad employees.) The graphic elements, alluding to the river bank and flowing water, were inspired by the 100 flowering cherry trees on the campus grounds, donated by a Japanese sister city in honor of the Japanese immigrants who once farmed this area.