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Ingrid Lahti - Mosaic


Mosaic honors nine Seattle high school students. It makes reference to the 1999 Columbine shootings and the courage required in the course of growing up in a modern First World culture. The conceptual antecedents for these mosaics are the stone floor mosaics of classical antiquity depicting gods and other respected cultural icons and the Fayum encaustics of Ptolemaic Egypt which present likenesses of specific individuals.

Mosaic was featured in Here and There a joint project of Center on Contemporary Art and Cleveland High School, itself part of LAND/USE/ACTION, projects with components in the Seattle Community and CoCA.

Each of the 18" x 18" mosaic portraits was originally made from cut-and-paste papers printed with stone patterns. These were then scanned and printed on adhesive-backed medium Scotchprint floor decal material for attachment to the concrete floor of the gallery.