• Squeeze
  • Entering Squeeze
  • Walking through Squeeze
  • Pushing against Squeeze
  • People inside Squeeze
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  • Squeeze
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Ingrid Lahti - Squeeze

©2005 Ingrid Lahti

Installation and video

Squeeze grew out of my consideration of the ambivalence with which we relate to our bodies; our constant search for physical pleasures through touch and food, in opposition to our attempts to control and shape our bodies as though they were foreign objects.

As visitors moved through the interactive installation Squeeze, they created fleeting impressions, like Etch-a-Sketch drawings, on the walls of the neoprene tunnel. Performing for others closed the conceptual loop between themselves and the woman in the video. This participation also encouraged them to feel their sensations while watching the video as well as while going through the installation.

In the continually looping, 3-minute video, Squeeze, a woman attempts to draw her real body into a standard-sized neoprene wetsuit.

Video by Leo Daedalus, 2005. Produced by Ingrid Lahti.