Ingrid Lahti - Storefronts Seattle

temporary public installation

Neon installation in Seattle's historic Chinatown-International District as part of the Storefronts Seattle urban revitalization program.

From the Storefronts Seattle website:

Storefronts Seattle is a community-driven effort to help revitalize Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square and Chinatown-International District neighborhoods by bringing vibrancy, activity, and light to otherwise vacant spaces and sparsely populated streetscapes. The program started in early 2010, when members of both neighborhoods sought solutions for the growing number of vacant storefronts in the area, which contribute to a lack of foot traffic, public safety issues, and less incentive for community engagement.
Through a collaborative partnership from a number of local business, art, government and cultural organizations, this program will bring new life to currently empty spaces. Beginning on September 2nd, Storefronts Seattle will feature original artworks by local artists displayed in storefront spaces throughout these two neighborhoods. The program will also establish artist residencies for the creation of new artworks and provide support for creative enterprises.
Storefronts Seattle is part of a national wave of community-driven collaboration between businesses and artists to activate empty spaces and renew public activity in neighborhoods. Similar programs are taking place in San Francisco; New York; Portland, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington.