Ingrid Lahti - Galaxy M81

site-specific installation and study
ArtsWest Gallery, Seattle, WA.

Galaxy M81 (2015)

Medium: 2400 white 9 mm circular pins on wall
Dimensions: 84" x 60" x 0.5"

This is a site-specific installation for On Capturing Transient Bodies at ArtsWest Gallery, Seattle, WA, January 15 – March 7, 2015. It is based on images of Galaxy M81 from the Hubble Telescope via the freely accessible HubbleSite. The scale of the installation is large enough to envelop the human body while the medium is common, simple white pins.

The ordinary, non-hierarchical, materials that I prefer, such as these common pins, cling to the wall with shadows and reflections adding a sense of layering and depth.

Study for Galaxy M81 (2015)

Medium: Xeroxes, tape, and orange circular sticker dots
Dimensions: 84" x 60" x 0"

This is a study for the Galaxy M81 (2015), using stickers in place of pins.

Galaxy M81 study (2013)

site-specific installation
A Project Space, Seattle, WA.

Medium: 1200 white map pins on wall

This installation was part of Unframed: Five Artists at A Project Space, Seattle, WA. It was derived from images on HubbleSite. Like my other installations, this one brings viewers’ attention to the way perception is embodied and not just restricted to vision and the intellect.