• Rippling Water [Photo: Leo Daedalus]
  • Rippling Water [Photo: Leo Daedalus]
  • Rippling Water [Photo: Leo Daedalus]
  • Rippling Water [Photo: Leo Daedalus]
  • Rippling Water [Photo: Leo Daedalus]
  • Water Study, 1983. Photo on archival paper.
Ingrid Lahti - Rippling Water

kinetic public sculpture
Carkeek Park, Seattle, WA.

Rippling Water (2016)

Steel sculpture with 1008 moving mirrors

Rippling Water is a kinetic sculpture installed at Carkeek Park from July 23 through September 25, 2016, as a part of the outdoor exhibition Heaven and Earth VIII: Wild Germination.

With 1008 moving mirrors, Rippling Water relates to the surface of Puget Sound at Carkeek Park. The flickering mirrors generate a constantly changing visual experience, like sunlight on moving water. The sculpture poses questions about perception: what is the difference between similar visual experiences—the sculpture versus the Sound? Why does this kind of visual experience captivate us? Lahti offers viewers an opportunity to become aware of how they pick up information with all of their senses and how visual effects can fascinate and evoke ideation.

Rippling Water is one of six environmental art projects that offer various interpretations of “Wild Germination,” a theme chosen by guest curator Morgan McElfresh, local arts teacher at nearby Viewlands Elementary School.

Since 2009, the ongoing Heaven and Earth series of temporary, outdoor environmental art projects has explored art and nature in a rapidly changing climate. The exhibition, one of the few in the United States to occur in a public park, an urban forest, is sponsored by the Carkeek Park Advisory Council (CPAC), Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Associated Recreation Council, with individual artist support from the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and 4Culture. » MORE INFORMATION

Rippling Water is the third of Lahti’s artworks for the Heaven and Earth series that utilize moving mirrors. See also Galaxy M51, Shimmering Reflections (2013) and Feeling Flight (2010).

Rippling Water is funded in part by a 2016 CityArtist Projects Grant from Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture and by a 2016 4Culture Art Projects Award.

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