Ingrid Lahti - Works in Neon

ongoing series of neon sign sculptures (1999–2008)

These neon signs encapsulate messages our culture broadcasts continually to wear away the rough edges of our individuality. It seems we have to be standardized and restricted to allow society to flow smoothly. The text of each sign, the color, and its disguise as commercial signage reflect my intent to advertise that dilemma.

— Ingrid Lahti

Public Installations:

PLEASE LIE (Autumn 2008, Seattle)
Part of STart on Broadway, temporary installation project by Sound Transit celebrating the extension of light rail service to Capitol Hill in Seattle. See PLEASE LIE gallery page.

DO NOT/REMEMBER (2002, Tacoma, Washington)
Installation at the City of Tacoma's Commencement Gallery, former Woolworth Windows. See installation photo.