Ingrid Lahti - Please Lie

temporary public installation (2008)

Installed in a defunct storefront as part of STart on Broadway — a temporary installation project by Sound Transit celebrating the extension of light rail service to Capitol Hill in Seattle — Please Lie continues Lahti's Works in Neon since 1999.

Artist's Statement

I've installed my neon signs in the windows of the former Mongolian Grill to fit seamlessly into this tired, abandoned site and to postpone the impression of an art project. I want to suggest that these signs were left behind when the business moved.
When people look more closely, it becomes clear that these signs are not operating like commercial signage. They’re not advertising. My signs operate in a different way because they’re about ideas. I have chosen words, colors, typefaces, and imagery to express contradictions, tensions, and desires I see in our culture.
Often short messages in these signs — such as PLEASE LIE in white neon — simultaneously attract and repel.